The Real Estate Philosopher’s® Guide: The Secrets to Real Estate Success

by Bruce M. Stachenfeld

A Unique and Creative Real Estate Thinker Applies 40 Years of Industry Experience and his Unique Brand of Idea Creation to Show You Exactly How to Succeed in the Real Estate Industry

Available October 7, 2021 – Reserve Your Copy Today!

Within the pages of this book, I meld my enormous industry knowledge with a lifetime of analytical and challenging thinking to create articles that consist of a combination of creative and unique real estate industry insights and predictions of how real estate will be changing in the future, including a (very surprising) prediction as to COVID’s long-term effects on Real Estate.

I will give you my thoughts about the most critical question, which is how to succeed in real estate on a long-term basis.

This book is like no other book you will ever read about Real Estate. If you are a veteran or just starting out, these are ideas that will show you paths to success that you would have never otherwise thought of.

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