Power Niche Marketing: The 22 Immutable Laws Of Marketing

I don’t know if I should share this information so broadly — but here goes — I have a publisher agreeing to publish my upcoming book “If You Want to Get Rich, Build a Power Niche.”  I am sure the excitement of my readership is off the charts right now.  Anyway, hopefully later this year….

In the interim — in hopes of teaching you what I know about marketing in real time — I will mention that I recently read an exceptional book called The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing by Al Ries and Jack Trout (affiliate link).

It is super short — I read it on a plane flight — and it is chock full of excellent advice.  For example:

  • The Law of Leadership — “It’s better to be first than it is to be better.”
  • The Law of Perception — “Marketing is not a battle of products, it’s a battle of perception.”
  • The Law of the Mind — “It’s better to be first in the mind than first in the market.”

It is an old book — written in 1994 — and it struck me that 24 years ago these fellows figured out things that are just being learned today.

For example, their Law of Category is as follows:

The Law of Category: “If you can’t be first in a category then you should create your own category that you can be first in.”

This is pretty much the same as my Power Niche concept, isn’t it?

So, 24 years ago, Ries and Troutman point out how important it is to own a niche.  Twenty-four years later, people like me — and others I have read — are still writing about it.  However — what boggles my mind — is how rarely people actually put this critical “law of marketing” into practice.

So let’s stop for a moment here.  This is a major revelation about marketing.  All of the smart people — I mean all of them — Porter, Thiel, Godin, Drucker, Ries & Troutman, etc. — are all saying that it is absolutely critical to differentiate yourself in marketing, yet so few parties receiving this advice actually take it.

Why is that?

I guess I don’t know the answer for sure; however, I suspect it is that being different means you have to STAND OUT, and when you stand out it might cause people to make fun of you, which terrifies most human beings.

But, whatever the reason, the good news is that if you are one of the (relatively few) parties who can receive this important message and not be afraid to implement it, the way to success in rainmaking is very achievable.  The absolute most important thing is to be “different” and STAND OUT — typically within a niche (Power Niche) that you own and can easily stand out in.  If you aren’t doing some version of the foregoing, you have already lost the battle.

I will keep this article very short and ask you to read it a couple of times as this is a very important message.

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