Marketing Yourself: How To Create A Powerful Résumé (Part III)

A résumé is one of the top ways that you market yourself in any industry and most likely the first impression you give to a potential employer — and, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

Aside from the usual items that you need to look out for (grammatical errors, typos, formatting issues, etc.) you have to be acutely aware of what message you want to deliver.

So, here is how I would put together a great résumé:

  1. Get Creative. Your résumé is your chance to STAND OUT. As long as it remains professional, try to make your résumé “look” different than those of other candidates.  For example, use pops of color and different designs to differentiate yourself.
  1. This is the most important part of the résumé. If you are an expert in a field or if you have a developing/developed Power Niche, that should be highlighted right at the top. If you have a lot of work experience or if you’re just starting off in your field and have many extracurricular activities, its fine to list those, but don’t bury your best assets.  It is crucial that you grab the reader’s attention and spark interest right at the top of your résumé.
  1. Choose Your message. As I have written in previous articles, it is important that you leave the employer with one message. People are more likely to remember you have expertise in one field rather than all of them.  And it bears repeating, this message should be highlighted at the top of your résumé.  Read #2 again! 
  1. Give Facts. If you have proof about your Power Niche (e.g., deals you have worked on, articles you have written, cool clients, etc.), then you should include that in your résumé.
  1. Make It Easy. Make sure your contact information and your name is clear and right at the top, so that employers can easily reach you.  Fancy font that is basically illegible is unhelpful and annoying to the reader.
  1. Keep It short. No employer has the time to read a 10-page résumé. Make sure you are concise and that you haven’t gone over two pages.  In fact, it can work to your advantage if the résumé merely hints at intriguing aspects of your career or life, which make the reader want to meet you to find out more.

Using these tools, you should be able to land any job in your industry!  Also, if you need help developing a Power Niche, look out for my new book being published early next year.


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