Charitable Work & Mentoring

In addition to mentoring lawyers at my law firm, I started a program to mentor women in December of 2019 and added a program to mentor Black people in July of 2020.  So far I have close to twenty mentees.  If I have sufficient bandwidth, I intend to add additional programs for other groups of people.  All of my mentees are high quality, talented people who want to create dramatic upside for themselves through a career in real estate.  My contacts and industry knowledge has been extremely useful to all those whom I have helped, and I hope to continue doing this as it gives me great joy to see people succeed in this industry.

Are you interested in my mentoring program? Sign up below and I will see if I can fit you in.

My Charitable Work

My charitable work is done through my foundation; The Sweetie Pig Foundation. The Sweetie Pig Foundation is named after my wife – known as The Sweetie Pig because she always looks for the good things in people.  Its mission is “to spread joy and happiness in the world.”  There are only two donors so far – myself and my wife – and we back many organizations, largely looking for fledglings where donations we can afford can make a difference.  I will continue to work with The Sweetie Pig Foundation to make targeted donations to parties that could use the money and are mixed into the real estate world one way or another.

Check out the Sweetie Pig Foundation’s website by clicking the link below!

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