Power Niche Marketing: Turning Your Niche Into A Power Niche — Augmenting Your Power

As you follow the steps to create a Power Niche, your ownership of your niche starts to grow in strength. Even with just reading a few articles on Google, you are growing little bits of “power” after just a few hours of work. And, after several weeks, well you are becoming a know-it-all!  Now let’s talk about how to grow this to the next level:

Happily, this is the easiest and simplest part of all… you just start telling everyone about what you are doing.

As an example, for a lawyer, you start to tell everyone: “I am going into fashion law – I am the fashion industry lawyer”.

You tell everyone, and I mean everyone!

You tell your mom, you tell your dad, you tell your entire family. And, you tell your relatives and your friends. You can even use Facebook and LinkedIn and other social media (if you are good at that stuff). This is one of the places it might be very useful.

You of course tell your co-workers, including peers, subordinates and, once you have your footing, your boss too.

You tell your friends. You tell everyone under the sun, especially those in the fashion industry that you start to get to know.

And – this is SUPER important — you tell them again and again and again and again. One email that announces it will not cut the mustard. You have to repeat what you are doing again and again and again and again and again and again….This is not because people are stupid or don’t care; it is because people are all barraged with constant information hitting their brains and if you don’t repeat your message it will just be forgotten. So you have to over-repeat your message.

There are some statistics about three times in 90 days or something like that. I don’t know about that statistic, but I can say that that is not even nearly enough and the more times the better. And there is even a quote from a hypothetical coach who says:

“Before the game I worry that I have repeated myself too many times, but then when the game happens I realize I haven’t repeated my message nearly enough times.”

By the way, have you noticed I just repeated this message a bunch of times.

Along the way, you pepper the lives of your friends and relatives and co-workers with your Power Niche, because every time you see them you turn the conversation to talking about your Power Niche. You are a veritable fire hose of information and repartee about your new passion.

You work the Threebies in because you are out and about – you are crazy enthusiastic about your Power Niche – and you now have knowledge (power) in your growing Power Niche. And of course you don’t forget the fourth Threebie, so you follow up with everyone you meet that has potential interest in your Power Niche.

In any case, you keep talking about your message so much that people start to get (almost) sick of you. When they see you coming they can’t help but see the word FASHION tattooed across your forehead.

Having overemphasized this, of course, you should try not to be a butthead about it. You don’t want people to think of you as an idiot – but hopefully you get my point.

So as you keep on talking about what you are doing, then an amazing thing happens – all of these people start helping you!

It is the strangest thing but if you are like a broken record on the high end fashion industry legal stuff, people start sending you articles, links, ideas, connections, friends and, yes, even clients or job leads.

It becomes an incredible thing – a self-fulfilling prophecy – that because you held yourself out as an expert everyone helps you become more of an expert.

People simply can’t help themselves. They see a fashion industry article and they think: “Oh, Toby will want to see this” and they forward you the link. Or they meet someone in fashion and they can’t help saying:  “Oh you will want to meet my friend Toby. He just is SO into the fashion industry and he knows everything. I bet you guys will be fast friends immediately. He is a good guy too. Can I connect you with him?”

So, if you keep going with me here, in just a few weeks you know more than a lot of people on a topic. In a few months, you know more than just about everyone everywhere. Your power is growing and your niche is fast becoming a Power Niche.

Suddenly, without you realizing how easy it was, you are the best in the world at something. Wow!  Within your niche, everyone wants you around, and the more you are around, the more people you meet, the more your knowledge increases. It becomes an incredible virtuous cycle to grow the power of your Power Niche.

You not only are useful in your niche for “what you know”, but you are also starting to get to know everyone and therefore become useful also for “who you know”. You know people, and you have heard before that “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”  And trust me, that is very true. Now you know all the key players.

So your power grows and grows. There is no stopping you now.  You are the owner of a Power Niche!

Power Niche Marketing: The Third (Marketing) Threebie – Knowledge Is Power

In my last two articles, I explained that when I need to remind myself of the most important basic marketing things to do, I am mindful of the three basic items, which I call the “Threebies.” In my last two articles, I wrote about the first two Threebies”:

The importance of “being enthusiastic”when marketing and meeting new people.

The importance of “getting out and about.”

In this article, I will talk about the last Threebie, which is:

Knowledge is Power

Ultimately, you have to have knowledge of something, or you aren’t that useful. Indeed, when you get right down to it, people, whether or not they are really thinking about it analytically, generally want you around if you are useful or potentially useful to them, and generally don’t really care that much if you are around if you aren’t that useful.

Consider when you were a kid. You were someone everyone wanted to be with because:

You always knew where the party was.

You were smart and could help with homework.


One way or another, there was something useful about you that made people want to be with you.

Obviously, what we are talking about here is much more sophisticated; however, you are trying to create something of use that makes you worth talking to or having around. For marketing purposes, that “something” is your “knowledge” of a topic that is of interest — or of use — to the people you want to have around you.

How do you get knowledge to have power? I will say now that you should pick an area of the industry in which you work and learn everything there is to know about it, so that you are a complete compendium of useful and cutting-edge information. This of course is what I call a “Power Niche,” as per the various articles I have written and will write.

For example, I am a real estate lawyer. So I read every single thing I can put my hands on pertaining to the real estate industry. Of course, I read the Wall Street Journal, but I also read books, publications, blogs, magazines and everything else I can find that deals with the real estate industry and/or the players in that industry. For example, I have my assistant send me any article on real estate that appears anywhere. That way, I am a wealth of information about real estate. It is astonishing how much I know and keep learning in my real estate niche. I have made myself very useful to be with because I know what everyone is doing and what is going on.

So if you are one of my clients, or someone I hope will be my client someday, it is obvious after speaking to me for a short period of time that I know a ton about the real estate industry and that I am able to provide value to you and I will be an extremely useful source of information, guidance, and advice.

Also, just to be clear, I am not out for “power” in the classic sense, to have the ability to push people around and lord it over my subjects. That simply isn’t my style, and it is not at all what I am talking about here. I am referring to the “power” to be useful. Indeed, it is great to have “power” to help your friends and your clients achieve their goals.

So, the next time you decide to market, remember to “Get Out and About,” to “Be Enthusiastic,” and to relentlessly seek knowledge because “Knowledge is Power.”

There may be a special fourth step or a “Fourbie” as I call it, so stay tuned…